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In the world of business, finding the right words is everything. Even in a visual field like architecture, the written or spoken message is an invitation, an education, an engagement. PK draws on years of experience spanning all types of business writing, serving a coast to coast clientele. Design, architecture and construction are a specialty, and PK has also done marketing and PR work for clients as various as The Great Harvest Bread Company and the Wisconsin Humane Society. Fresh arenas are always welcome. Accomplishments include:

  • Winning strategy and proposal writing for federal and state government bid and RFP projects, as well as private and nonprofit organizations
  • Marketing and business development, particularly for firms in architecture and the architectural arts, as well as the local AIA (including applications for FAIA and to become an AIA-CEU provider)
  • Highly successful PR including press releases and follow-up, media kits and exhibits resulting in newspaper, television magazine or online coverage more than 95% of the time
  • The creation of websites with full content development
  • Conceptualization, design and composition of articles for publication, winning proposals, submissions, presentations and marketing materials
  • Published writing in Traditional Building Magazine, the Stained Glass Quarterly, Sailing Magazine, Parabola and others, national to local, including ghostwriting


Strategy, design and creation of winning presentations in traditional and digital formats

Presentation for Promo Page C 200

Award Submissions

Strategic analysis, critical thinking and composition of successful award submissions


…Thirteen hundred square feet and a host of new amenities and conveniences have been thoughtfully added to the home, integrating old and new—but the most important design success is the way everything now overlooks a central “Gathering Space,” which further opens onto the premier natural amenity, Lake Michigan.

The new areas of the home wrap around the historic heart and honor it by being architecturally subservient, with shed styling and vertical siding. The renovation makes the most of the natural assets of the site, capitalizing on views of the lake to the east and towering conifers to the west…

(AIA state award submission)


John Doe’s ability to broadly engage people in the architectural conversation, rally support for high concept, sustainable design excellence, and create a national model for campus development enrich the public experience of architecture and advance the field…

  • Has composed a template emulated by peers across the country for public engagement and innovative campus development
  • Has made architecture a point of convocation, engagement and interdisciplinary cross-pollination at the University of XYZ and beyond…

(FAIA national award submission)

 Technical Writing

Taking what the experts know, improving flow, making it more accessible


…A comprehensive conditions assessment would be conducted of past and active deterioration, post-historic repairs and treatments, and other notable features in each space. Exhaustive onsite observation and meticulous digital recordation would bring the conditions to light. Documentation would include high resolution color‐rectified digital images of all specified wall, archway and ceiling surfaces, including details of finish conditions and evidence of application techniques…

(Technical proposal for architectural conservation)

To discuss the possibilities, email pia@piakealey.com or call 312.945.7765

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